Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Traps are used in kitchens to prevent grease (animal fats and vegetable oils) from enter a septic or sewer system. Most commonly found at restuarants, grease traps work because grease is both lighter than water, and will not mix with water. When kitchen waste water runs through a grease trap, the grease floats on top and is caught in a trap by a series of baffles. The water drains through, having been cleansed of the grease, and enters the sewer or septic system.

While most Grease Trap manufacturer’s will issue recommendations for cleaning frequency, it is also important to know you local governmental requirements for cleaning. Most municipalities require restaurants and commercial venues to perform regular grease trap cleaning.

Failure to adequately maintain your grease trap can have damaging affects to your plumbing, and to your business. An unexpected problem due to improper maintenance can cost you operable hours and precious revenue. Don’t let your business be disturbed…call today for a grease trap cleaning.